Decades of service in the tire industry

With a rich history dating back to 1972, we are a locally owned and operated business dedicated to providing honest, friendly, and on-time service to our customers. Our extensive inventory of equipment and expertise, combined with our commitment to providing affordable and quality products, has made us a trusted partner for tire dealers, repair shops, truck tire services, retreaders, and fleets. Whether you need help finding the right solutions for your business, or simply want to benefit from our specialized knowledge, we are here to help you succeed.”


Overcoming challenges to drive success: "The history of A.F. Rema"

Languishing in 1972 with a cardboard suitcase full of illusions among other things, Alfonso Fernández came to Puerto Rico. He had been offered the opportunity to pursue a college career; it was at that moment that the concept of what is known as A.F. Rema began to unfold. The Rema Tip Top products, in the trunk of an old Ford bought with two hundred- and fifty­dollar ($250) borrowed from his uncle José Tellet, served as the pathway to generate funds, to defray study expenses and to pay off loan debts. The intense hard work of selling additionally required demonstrations of the products to convince customers of their purchase. During this decade in Puerto Rico, perhaps due to ignorance, tires were discarded as the inner tubes that could be repaired. Back then, only patches of fire were used.

With the two hundred- and fifty-dollar ($250) loan and an inventory of no more than five hundred dollars ($500), in addition to another five hundred dollars ($500) borrowed to someone else on consignment, selling one hundred dollars ($100) a day seemed like a utopia, but that’s how it all began.

Unexpected events such like the oil crisis with its rising price of fuel (1978), the arrival of the radial rubber without cameras (inner tube) and a number of other incidents began to take place.

instead of being obstacles or impediments, they became incentives or motivations for the company to reassure its purpose and mission. Without neglecting its origins, the company began to deal with the marketing of new products related to the rubber and components of the tire and rim.

The manufacture of balancing weights in the island market was quite a boost to the growth of A.F. Rema.

The welcoming of A.F. Rema to the distinguished group of Ascot Supply, in addition to doing business with countries from South America, Europe and Asia with products all aimed at the same type of industry, has placed our company in a privileged position – not only within the local market of Puerto Rico but also with some of the Caribbean islands and Central America.

With a team of young administrators and a second generation of families, always considering service, attention, and the search for solutions to the problems of our clients as a priority. A.F. Rema faces its second half of the century with great optimism and determination.

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We believe that honesty, reliability, and exceptional customer service are the keys to our success, and we are committed to providing these qualities to every one of our valued customers.

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